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He's also a homebody, so if you're a party girl, you're wasting your time on a Cancerian.Some signs find Cancer too needy, clingy, brooding, and boring.

Cancer thrives on stability, security, and comfort.His relationships are well tended, and he's often incredibly romantic, while having a great sense of humor. Before you drag out your Crab pot, you should hear the rest of the story. They're ruled by the moon, and as the moon goes through frequent changes, so do the Cancerian's emotions.He demands complete and utter love and devotion, and he won't like sharing too much of your attention.This knowledge far surpasses anything you might find in a hundred books, because it's specifically tailored to you and your Cancerian love interest. Your information is kept private, and your psychic will have your best interests at heart. When you get a love astrology reading from a professional psychic, you'll be making a strategic move that will set you on the right path and save you time, disappointment, and heartache, while helping you find your soul mate.

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It's highly customized and takes factors other than just your birth dates into account.

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